Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Seriously I will get better at this, I'm sure of it...

1. First day back after a lovely week off with the family. Such gorgeous weather too, perfect!
2. We did a bit of sight-seeing at the beautiful Lacock Abbey...

Photo by Todd, and yes Jake is getting taller... nearly catching Chris up 
(he's leaning a bit in this one)

The main attraction for the boys was this...

This room was one of the classrooms in the early movies.

Lastly an arty shot, because I couldn't get enough of those wonderful arches and the spectacular reflections they made.

3. I purposely left my big camera out last week so I could grab it whenever inspiration struck. This has become one of my favourites lately...

He was even singing sweetly to me whilst posing :-)

4. Another reason my camera has been out is because of the sunsets we've been having. I've been out most nights... love that the tree is kindly lending me its silhouette.


5. There may have been ice-cream eaten once or twice too...

Giggi's down Poole High Street
Barford Farm nr Wimborne

6. Then there was digging, oh lots and lots of digging. I ached in places I didn't know I could ache, but 2 and half days later it was done...

It started out when we added a hand-rail and new edging on part of the front garden. The steps are pretty bad but we don't have the budget to deal with them unfortunately. Which led to the strawberry patch behind the rail being cleared, dug over and replanted.

We then moved to the much larger area behind the strawberry patch. This was planted around 13/15 years ago and was in need of redoing. 

Below you can see how bad it had got, just a mess really.

So the digging started... (photo courtesy of Todd whilst on the trampoline which is why you can see the support bars).

End of day 1

End of day 2 (we ran out of weed membrane)

Here you can see the strawberry patch all done

Another of Todd's photos

We decided to go with bark chippings as we liked the natural colour and it was a cheaper option for the area we had to cover, so we bought 4 of the 100 litre bags.... ha ha... do you know what's coming...

It covered barely a third!

So we (Chris) went back and bought another 7 bags! That was only just enough.

So it is done... one of those projects you keep putting off and even halfway through I wished we hadn't started it... but so pleased we kept going. All the plants look so tiny but they are all perennial plants/shrubs so will fill the space eventually... although I may keep my eye out for one or two more.

The new handrails need to be stained dark oak to match the top fence (the fence to the left is our neighbours), but to be honest I couldn't even lift my fork to eat my dinner that night so a paintbrush will have to wait for another day.

7. There was also fun had with these guys...

that tail!

If you look closely you will see he has stolen a Nerf bullet and is hoping no-one has noticed

Snoozing in the sunshine

8. Made THIS for dinner tonight.... highly rated and recommended by all the boys... including the chef.
9. This may be the longest ever Ten on Tuesday post I've done.
10. Every time I look at this picture it makes me laugh, don't these pansies look like they are photo-bombing!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Throwback Thursday

Jake - March 2004, wearing daddy's boots and playing with Thomas trains

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yes I know it's been forever, but at least I'm here now <insert embarrassed smiley>
2. We are thick in the middle of selecting options, well I say we, I really mean Jake. He's trying to decide which subjects to study for Years 10 and 11 to GCSE level. He's narrowed down three of his choices to Spanish, History and Geography... it's the last one that's giving him some trouble. All the sciences are already covered so he's happy he doesn't have to choose between them as he loves them all.... so now we're down to Art or a DT (design & technology) subject, possibly food tech (aka cooking, or resistant materials. It's hard to choose when you're 13.
3. In the last couple of weeks we have had to spend out quite a bit on our two boys. Both have gone up in shoe sizes and grown an inch or three meaning trousers needed replacing too. Jake is now a shoe size 9 1/2 with a 32 inch inside leg! His brother's not that far behind him... definitely don't take after me then :-)
4. Bought a jar of coconut oil last week. I've started using it in cooking, but also on my face at night. It's lovely, but I can't help feeling like I'm being followed by a giant Bounty bar.... the smell is lovely!
5. Trying a bit harder with eating better. Bought Davina McCall's new book...5 weeks to sugar-free. Been cooking up a storm... the digestive biscuits are so far the best.... we all love them and tonight we discovered they are amazing with cheese!
6. School reports are in for both boys... I think Jake's got some competition on the clever front, a certain little brother is excelling across the board.... yes I know I'm bragging!
7. Seem to be quite behind with the housework... this weekend involved shoe & clothes shopping one day, then football at Portland, an hour away the next. Last weekend and into last week I was sick with a virus and the weekend before that I was away with my lovely scrapping girlies. Lets just say the dust bunnies I hoovered up tonight were well on the way to becoming much larger creatures!
8. I always thought the lead-up to Christmas is the crazy time for school activities, etc but I'm beginning to think differently. We have so many activities, trips, tournaments, meetings etc at the moment I seriously think I'm going to forget to pay for this/be there for that/send this stuff in.
9. Had to pop out in my lunch break today to buy a box of cereal that I didn't really want. Yesterday (after I'd done the weeks food shopping) Todd came out of school with a note asking for them to bring in an empty cereal box Wednesday to make a pinhole camera to view the solar eclipse on Friday morning. Of course, all our cereal is stored in the packets in a basket in our pantry cupboard rather than all those boxes taking up space.
10. I'll leave you with a photo of my boy with his team who won their match 10-3 on Sunday, plus he scored too, so he had a great day.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yikes, has it really been that long since I last posted... seriously did not intend to be away for so long.
2. So we are back to school, work and football matches on a Sunday... this is the stuff of life and I remind myself of that everyday ;-)
3. I've been trying to do more baking and cooking. Stretching myself and enjoying the process and the results. Although I have to say my feet and legs don't thank me for spending so long stood in the kitchen.
4. It's half-term next week already and the in-laws are visiting. So far I have opportunities to go out three nights out of seven... not sure that's going to look that good.
5. Just lately the boys have been winding each other up so much... fingers crossed they get over this phase... and fast!
6. Falling back into reading again... I've missed it. Trouble is I find I'm bartering with myself over whether I've done enough ironing/cleaning/etc to warrant sitting down for an hour or so to read. I am one of those people that cannot rest if I know stuff needs doing.
7. So far this year we have shifted a large amount from the cellar, and the house too.  Some to the tip, some to the charity shops and a fair amount sold through Gumtree. What an experience that is! I had one woman desperate to purchase two large round wicker baskets I had (her words) so we arranged a date and time... of course she never showed. I sent three texts but heard nothing. A whole week later she contacts me and asks if I still have them!!! I have been equally childish grown-up and not replied! I've actually sold one of them anyway.
8. I confess to loving the areas that I have sorted and thinned out... so much easier to find stuff and clean. Look out house and people living in the house - I'm on a mission!!!
9. Looking forward to switching up my Project Life scrapbook this year. Last year I stuck with the usual weekly spread but I found some weeks were quite empty and others very full. I slipped seriously behind with it all too... although I'm working my way through the missed weeks now. Anyway I've decided to go with monthly spreads, plus incorporate more traditional scrapbook pages into it too. I'm fortunate enough to be going away with my scrapping girls for a weekend soon so hope to finish 2014 then so I can focus my attentions on 2015.
10. I was given a Sony smart band bracelet for my birthday in December. It's very clever and tells you things like how much you've moved around in the day, number of steps taken and how much sleep you've had. It also has an alarm on it that will wake you when you are in light sleep rather than deep sleep. Only the funny thing is... I've some how trained myself to turn it off in my sleep!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014


I'm still here... I was doing so well keeping up the blog, then this thing called Christmas happened and is still happening. I am supposed to be cleaning and baking, but I felt the need to sit for a while. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I still have cards and presents to rustle up, along with some home-baked goodies.

I've done the gift shopping, all but the last few are wrapped, the food shopping has been done this morning (2 supermarkets). I've cleaned the bathroom, done the laundry and hoovered half the house.

To be honest I'm feeling a little flat... the terrible accident in Glasgow yesterday won't leave my mind. Those families for whom Christmas will be very different to what they had planned. Yesterday also saw both my sister and my mum in A&E. My dear sister had an argument with a big kitchen knife and lost... she was making soup but it all ended up very different. Soon enough she will be saying "remember that Christmas when I..." but for now she is sore and struggling. My mum then decided to take a tumble down the concrete steps leading to our house. They are not the nicest steps and if we had the money they would be remodelled but for now they are what we have. Mum has ended up a bit sore and bruised with a few scrapes, so lucky as it could have been much worse.

Both my sister and Chris have told me to stay indoors and stay out of trouble in case these things come in 3's. I think my broken leg two days before Christmas a few years ago was probably my thing.

I can say though we have a blocked bathroom sink this afternoon, so maybe that's the third thing. Just what you need when you have a house full of guests over the next two days and only one bathroom. Chris has purchased a nasty chemical to try and clear it, fingers crossed x

Truthfully I look forward to the day after Boxing Day, the crazy cooking, entertaining and visiting is over, the stress over whether people will like the gifts you've bought has gone, the kids are busy with their new things and I can sit down and put my feet up... maybe even getting on with some much missed scrapbooking.

For now I'll leave you with a photo I love of our crazy pooch... if he want's to play when you're sitting on the sofa.... this is what you'll see...

Crazy puppy!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Week in Pictures

Most of these ended up on Instagram, you can follow me here... katiejane68

1. Advent calendar from work.
2. Our first Christmas card, always my Auntie Angela.
3. My purchase from a new shop selling loose teas... Gunsmoke Temple of Heaven... yummy!
4. Dessert at my Christmas lunch.
5. Team mates and buddies.
6. Cake pop gift from a work team.
7. My boy.. well one of them ;-)
8. Jake at the county chess tournament.
9. Santa on a high wire (he's not real... I mean the high-wire one... of course the real one's real!)
10. My gorgeous lunch date whilst Christmas shopping in town.
11. Giggles all round from these two.
12. Baking stations - filling the lunch boxes for the week.